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(ADOPTED ON JUNE 21, 2016)
(A New York Not-for-Profit Corporation)

1.1 The purposes for which the Corporation is organized and operated (the “Corporate Purpose”) are to foster, encourage and promote women in the legal profession in the State of New York; to screen candidates for the judiciary in the State of New York; to participate in matters affecting the courts and the administration of justice in the State of New York; to support legislation and programs affecting the legal profession; and to support legislation and programs to improve the status of women in the State of New York.

1.2 The Corporation shall further the Corporate Purpose by inviting prominent women trial lawyers to be members of the Corporation, soliciting membership dues from interested individuals, and expending its funds in furtherance of its Purpose; conducting meetings and discussions on issues relevant to the Purpose; working to advance women in the legal profession and in the courts; conducting judicial screening of candidates for appointment to the courts of the State of New York; liaising with policymakers to promote laws that advance and protect women and children; working with other similarly constituted groups dedicated to improving women’s equality; and advocating and supporting legislation and programs in furtherance of its Purpose.

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